Grit Bins

Stackable Grit Bins

Stackable grit bins are a convenient way of having measured amounts of salt and grit ready for use when winter brings ice and snow. In the UK in recent years there have been increasing amounts of snow and so grit bins for domestic use are becoming increasingly popular. Most local councils and some businesses will have large grit bins while smaller organisations might find stackable grit bins more useful for gritting smaller or disparate areas.

If you need to grit both the front and back areas outside your home then if you buy stackable grit bins it means that during the winter you can have one grit bin at the front of the house and the second for the back. When the snow season has come to an end, the stackable grit bins can just be stacked together and stowed away until they are needed again. Although stackable grit bins are small, they still need to be constructed from hard, durable plastic. Plastic grit bins are non-corrosive and weatherproof, which means that the grit stays dry in the stackable grit bins.

Some local authorities may use stackable grit bins for public use in areas where there is just a small area of road or pathway that needs gritting. Grit bins are sometimes referred to as salt bins because generally the two substances are used together. Grit or sand is used as a means of increasing the friction between the tyres of a vehicle and the road. When the friction between a vehicle’s tyres and the road is increased, it gives the vehicle a greater grip on the road, which makes it safer to drive.

Salt is used because it lowers the temperature at which ice freezes, so it acts in the same way that antifreeze acts in a combustion engine. Winter service vehicles such as gritters are not generally used on back roads and smaller areas with either a difficult bend or a high gradient. Stackable grit bins are ideal for the areas that the local authority gritter does not service as the grit can be accessed by residents who can then shovel the grit onto the area themselves. Originally grit bins were made from materials other than plastic, but this was later changed, largely because anyone or anything that comes into contact with the bins suffers a lot less damage.

Stackable grit bins, like most other grit bins are filled from the top by opening the lid. Individual home owners will use stackable grit bins to clear the path to their house, their driveway and often any garden path. The main reason that home owners grit the outside spaces of their home is to help prevent the tendency for people to slip and fall in icy conditions. You can buy stackable grit bins from most places that supply grit bins, e.g. DIY stores, builders’ merchants, hardware stores and from online retailers. It is worth doing a price comparison before you buy so that you get the best possible price.