Grit Bins

Small Grit Bins

With all the bad weather that the UK has experienced over the last couple of years, an increasing number of householders have chosen to purchase grit bins. The most appropriate bins for domestic use are small grit bins that hold twenty five kilos or fifty litres of grit or grit and salt mixed. Grit bins come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes and the local councils and some businesses use larger bins that are much too big for an individual to handle. Most local authorities have medium sized grit bins in areas where roads may be on a steep incline or have a difficult bend so that residents can grit the road themselves.

The small grit bins that are available to buy are virtually the same as the large ones used by the local authorities, they are just smaller. Some retailers report that bright yellow is a popular colour, especially for small grit bins. Bright colours are easy to see on dark winter mornings and they can also help to lift spirits that are dulled by insufficient sunshine and the cold. Just like large bins, small grit bins are usually filled with a mix of rock salt and grit. If your home has a driveway then gritting it enables the tyres of your car to get a better grip in icy conditions. Snow is melted by rock salt as long as the temperature does not drop below a certain level, if it does the salt stops working until the temperature of the ground underneath has warmed up.

Some small grit bins have lockable lids and they may even have a small space for the shovel that is needed to spread the grit. You should sprinkle the grit lightly with your shovel rather than spread it on too thickly as it tends to work better that way. Both large and small grit bins are generally made of hard plastic that is non-corrosive and weather proof. Hard plastic is an extremely strong and durable material and it is ideal for grit bins. Lockable grit bins are a good idea if you live in an area where there are occasional problems with vandalism. Some kids think it is great fun to tip over wheelie bins and grit bins, if your bin is locked and it is tipped over you are unlikely to lose your grit because it has been spilled all over the place.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase small grit bins. Most large DIY stores will stock grit bins for domestic use and so will some builders’ merchants, you should also be able to get your grit bin refills from these suppliers. The rise of the internet has meant that many people now do an increasing amount of their shopping online and there are plenty of online suppliers of small grit bins. As with most purchases these days, you should shop around before you actually buy a grit bin because prices can vary considerably from one supplier to another.