Grit Bins

Salt Grit Bins

Salt grit bins are those bins that hold a mixture of salt and grit that is used when there is ice and snow to make the roads and the streets safer to use. Councils have salt grit bins and try to keep them well stocked because they need to ensure that the major roads and highways are gritted when there is snow and ice on the ground. An increasing number of householders also have grit bins because it enables them to make their own path, driveway and garden safer to walk on.

Companies use salt grit bins to make car parks and company grounds safer for their employees, whether they are walking or driving. While grit bins for domestic use tend to be on the small side and may hold up to fifty litres of grit, salt or a mixture of the two, companies and local councils will require much larger bins. Salt grit bins are not cheap to buy because they need to be brightly coloured in order to make them clearly visible on a dark winter’s day and they also need to be extremely durable and weather tight. If you purchase a bin that is not waterproof to hold your grit and salt then when it comes to gritting your driveway you may find that the mix is no good.

Salt grit bins need to be durable because the mixture that they hold is liable to scratch and damage light plastic. Unless you want to be looking for a new salt grit bin every time we have snow, you are better off spending the money on something that is designed to last and to stand up to the job. Some of the best salt grit bins have a secure locking system that makes it more difficult for anyone to interfere with the contents; it is also good for keeping out garden pests.

If you look at some of the larger salt grit bins you will see that they have spaces that are designed for storing your shovel and spade. Gritting your driveway and garden will be a lot easier if all of the tools that you need for the job are in one place.

Salt grit bins are becoming increasingly popular with householders, especially those who live in out of the way places where the back streets and roads are not gritted by the council. Some people now take it upon themselves to grit their own road when the weather is really bad and they have not been visited by the council gritting machine. While it is not advisable to grit public spaces, just in case someone has an accident, gritting your own garden and driveway could save you from falling during the bad weather. It is also easier to start a car on a driveway that has been gritted because of ice and snow than on one that hasn’t. Getting a proper salt grit bin for home use is a great idea if there is a lot of ice and snow and if you have a fair bit of outdoor space.