Grit Bins

Salt and Grit Bins

Salt and grit bins are designed to hold the substances that are used in snow and icy conditions to make streets and roads safer to walk and drive on. Salt and grit bins may be used to store either salt or grit or a mixture of salt and grit. Until recently gritting was always the preserve of local authorities whose duty it is to keep major roads and streets as safe as possible. Large corporations would also have grit bins so that they could ensure their car parks and open areas were safe for visitors and employees.

In recent years, and particularly the last two years where there has been considerable snow fall, a growing number of householders have purchased salt and grit bins. Domestic bins are used to store the salt and grit that people use to keep their garden paths and driveways safe to walk on. When people slip over because of hard snow or ice, it can cause broken bones which means possible hospital stays and time off work. It makes sense to try and keep the outdoor areas of your home as safe as possible during bad weather.

Salt and grit bins come in many different sizes, usually householders only need small salt and grit bins while local authorities will require numbers of large bins if they are going to have enough of the mixture to grit major roads. Salt and grit may be used separately or together, salt interferes with the propensity of snow to freeze because it causes it to melt while grit is good on the roads because it increases the friction between the road and the tyres of your car. While local authorities may used motorised gritters, most corporations and householders will spread snow and grit with a spade of shovel.

Many domestic salt and grit bins have a kind of feeder at the front so that it is easier to get the amount of the mixture that is needed. In some areas local councils will have grit bins in some streets so that the people who live there can treat the area outside their homes and possibly the road. As a general rule the authorities just don’t have the time to grit everyone’s road, so they concentrate on major public highways and roads.

Householders that have salt and grit bins should look for one that is lockable. It is all too easy to leave the lid of the bin open or for it to be opened by a passer by and if the rain gets to the mixture it will make it ineffectual. During bad weather you may need to refill your salt and grit bin more than once to keep your garden path and driveway as safe and as clear as possible. You should do some research before you purchase a bin as prices can vary from one supplier to another. When you have a grit bin you will need to make sure that it is kept on a stable surface because if it tips over and is not locked you could lose most of your grit and snow.