Grit Bins

Salt & Grit Bins

For many years now salt & grit bins have been used by local authorities to store the salt and grit that is needed to make public pathways and roads safe when there is snow and ice on the ground. A good number of businesses have salt & grit bins for the areas outside the company including the company car park because it is safer for their staff – it is also more cost effective to grit a car park than to have employees off sick because they have had an accident.

Over the last couple of years, unexpected amounts of ice and snow in the UK have led many householders to purchase their own salt & grit bins. Many people have gardens and driveways and we all have areas outside our home that would be a lot safer during icy weather if they were gritted. The reason that local authorities, businesses and individual householders use salt & grit bins rather than just a grit bin is that the salt melts the snow. Grit is used on public highways because it makes it easier for the tread of the car to get a grip on an icy road, and it does the same when it is spread on your driveway.

You can get salt & grit bins in different shapes, sizes and colours at a range of prices. There are more grit bins around today simply because more individual householders now realise it is sensible to have one for when the weather turns to snow and ice. You can purchase salt & grit bins both on and offline, but if you buy your bin on the internet you could get it for quite a bit less than if you bought it from a shop. Many web owners do not have the same kind of overheads as conventional shops and major stores and they pass some of this saving onto their customers.

When you start shopping around for salt & grit bins, below is a list of some of the features you should look for:

  • Brightly coloured
  • Durable
  • Anti-corrosive and weatherproof
  • Lockable
  • Space for shovel
  • Hopper for easy access to salt and grit

Many people buy brightly coloured salt & grit bins because they are easy to see on dark winter mornings. Having a lock on your salt & grit bins is not a necessity but it could save your salt and grit if the bin gets tipped over by vandals or a strong wind. You will need a shovel or spade to spread the salt and grit on your driveway and other outside areas. A hopper opening makes it easy to get at the salt and grit because you don’t have to bend right over the bin. A good salt & grit bins is well worth the investment because it will save you the time off work that a fall on the ice may have cost you. Make sure that you place your salt & grit bins on a level surface where it won’t tip.