Grit Bins

Rollastor Grit Bins

Grit bins like the rollastor grit bins are designed to hold the grit and salt that is needed to make snow and ice less treacherous for walking and driving. Grit bins are used by businesses, by local authorities, and increasingly by householders who want to grit their outside space. Gritting your front path and the paths in your garden will make it less likely that you or someone else in the family will fall on the ice and hurt themselves. Grit is especially good for driveways as the grit makes it easier for your car’s tyres to get a grip on the ice.

Rollastor grit bins look much the same as the wheelie bins that we have for our rubbish collection in the UK. While rollastor grit bins are meant for industrial and commercial premises, if you have a lot of outdoor space to your home or a large driveway then this bin might be just what you need. The rollastor grit bins hold just over twice the amount of grit that the small grit bins generally bought for domestic use, like most grit bins it can be filled with a mix of rock salt and grit to help melt the ice and make driving easier. If local authorities get taken by surprise, and who doesn’t at times, and main roads are not gritted soon enough, it can make driving a lot more hazardous.

Unlike most grit bins the rollastor grit bins have wheels, which makes them easy to move around from one area to another. The bin was primarily designed for those business premises where some of the areas were too awkward to be served by a static grit bin. Many people live in homes where there are awkward outside spaces and one of these grit bins might be an ideal solution. The rollastor grit bins have a front hopper feed opening that makes it easier to get to the grit with your shovel.

The rollastor grit bins can be kept inside your business premises or if you have bought one for domestic use, in your utility room as they are easy to roll from one location to another. The grit bins are made from rigid plastic or polyethylene, the high density of the material means that these grit bins are built to last and are extremely hard wearing. There is a storage space at the back of the rollastor grit bins where you can store the spade or shovel that is used for spreading the grit.

Rollastor grit bins are high end grit bins, which mean that they are a bit pricey; on the upside however the bins are extremely durable and are built to last for years. These wheelie type grit bins are more expensive than some of the same sized grit bins on the market today but the rollastor grit bins are quality bins. If you need to grit areas that would be difficult with a static grit bin then the rollastor grit bins are well worth buying.