Grit Bins

Lockable Grit Bins

There are many different types of grit bins on the market today, including lockable grit bins. Not all grit bins that you buy come with a lock but there are several reasons for buying lockable grit bins, including the following:

  • Stops rodents from getting into your bin
  • Won’t spill the grit if pushed over
  • Stops thieves and vandals

Filed mice and other small animals get into our gardens and if you don’t have a lockable grit bin or one where the lid is as tight fitting as it could be, then they can get into the bin. Lockable grit bins make it less likely that moisture will spoil the grit mix. You need to ensure that your grit bin is on a level surface and not easy to push over. If your bin does happen to get knocked or pushed over the grit is less likely to spill out from lockable grit bins.

It is unfortunately the case that some areas, particularly in our towns and cities are plagued by thieves and vandals. Grit is not that cheap and lockable grit bins make it much harder for anyone to either help themselves to your grit or to steal a shovel that might also be stored with the bin. Vandals will tip bins over and sometimes set fire to them just for the sake of it. Lockable grit bins are hard to set fire to and if your bin gets pushed over you are not likely to lose the contents.

If you are buying a grit bin for the first time you should look for a plastic bin because it is non-corrosive and weather proof, you may also want a bin where you can store the shovel that you use for spreading the grit. When you buy one of the lockable grit bins you can rest assured that the rain will not get into your bin. The lids on most grit bins slope forward which means that when it rains the water should just run off. When you have a flat lid water can pool in the centre and there is a danger that the moisture will get into the grit when you lift the lid.

You should shop around for lockable grit bins as they are more expensive than those bins that don’t have a lock. Some suppliers reduce the price of their ordinary grit bins and lockable grit bins at certain times of the year to make room for new stock and because sales may be quite low during spring and summer. Take a look online as there are plenty of internet suppliers of lockable grit bins and grit bins without locks. It’s a good idea to buy a grit bin in a bright colour as it is easy to see on dark mornings and can brighten up the look of your garden when the plants and branches are bare. A grit bin is a good investment as gritting prevents accidents and lockable grit bins will keep grit clean and dry and prevent accidental spillage.