Grit Bins

Large Grit Bins

Local authorities and large corporations often have large grit bins because they need to grit wide areas. Some local councils will have very large bins to store the grit for main roads and highways and smaller but still large grit bins around the local area so that residents can grit smaller roads and residential streets for themselves. Some of the large grit bins that belong to local authorities are so large that they could not be moved by an individual and may hold up to 500 litres or 250 kilos of the grit and rock salt mix.

Some businesses may have large grit bins to grit the outside areas of their company and to make sure that the company car park is gritted. Many companies choose to grit the areas outside their premises in their own best interests because it is cheaper to do that than to bear the cost of an employee falling and getting injured. During bad weather when the roads and pavements are covered in ice and snow gritting helps to keep communities moving and can help to prevent falls and road accidents. Salt malts snow and grit is designed to provide better grip for the tyres on vehicles. Making sure that main roads and city centres are gritted during bad weather means that local councils need large grit bins for the job.

Like most grit bins the large grit bins that are used by local authorities and businesses are made from hard plastic. The type of plastic that is used in the making of large grit bins is non-corrosive and weather proof, it is also extremely durable. Many grit bins are made from bright colours, including red, green and yellow and many local councils have green grit bins. Some people see household grit bins as a form of garden furniture and look for bins that are made from material other than plastic. While it is possible to buy wooden and even ceramic grit bins, they are neither as durable as plastic nor as practical.

There are large grit bins that are lockable, the grit from the largest bins owned by local authorities is usually spread on the main roads and city centres via a gritting machine. Grit bins around local areas are there for residents to help themselves and grit the minor roads and pathways near where they live.

Large grit bins can cost as much as several hundred pounds each, so they need to be strong and durable. Refilling larger bins can be a problem and unless they are closely monitored it is all too easy for local authorities to run low on grit. You may often see large grit bins in the courtyards of council estates where residents may take it in turns to grit the courtyard when the winter brings snow and ice. Like any other grit bins, large bins need a close fitting, and preferably lockable lid to ensure that the grit stays dry and there is no accidental spillage.