Grit Bins

Grit Bins Refills

When you have a grit bin for the first time you may be wondering what you should do about grit bin refills. If you look at the frequently asked questions on some of the local authority websites under grit bins they often advise people to try their local builders’ merchants or DIY store. If you don’t want to have to fill your grit bin too often then you should be aware that you shouldn’t spread the grit and salt mix too thickly. The best way to grit a path or driveway is to take a shovel and sprinkle the salt and grit mixture lightly over the area.

A lot of grit bin refills are sold as rock salt and grit mixes rather than grit on its own as the two mixed together do a better job. Rock salt acts to melt the snow, providing the temperature does not go below minus five degrees centigrade and grit is designed to help the tyres of a vehicle to get a better grip on the ice. If you buy a small grit bin that holds fifty litres or twenty five kilos of grit, then you will obviously need to buy grit bin refills more often. Local authority grit bins are often much larger than those for domestic use because they are designed to grit the public paths and highways.

You should not try to obtain your grit bin refills from any of the public grit bins that might be available in your local area because that grit is meant to be used only on public footpaths ad side roads. It’s best to ensure that your grit bin has a well fitting lid, preferably one with a lock. Most grit bins are made from hard plastic that is non-corrosive and weatherproof and some of them have storage space for a spade or shovel. You should wear industrial gloves to protect your hands when you are gritting paths.

If you bought your grit bin from an online supplier then you may be able to get your grit bin refills from them, alternatively the supplier ma be able to advise you where you can obtain grit bin refills. An increasing number of householders now have grit bins, particularly since the UK has experienced some really severe weather conditions with a lot of snow and ice. You can grit the pathway to your door, your driveway if you have one and your garden paths when the snow comes down. Paths that have been gritted are safer to walk on and you are less likely to fall than you would be on one that hasn’t been gritted.

Only you can estimate how often you will need grit bin refills when you have been using your grit bin for a while. A lot depends on how much outside space you have to grit, how often it needs doing when the weather is bad, and how generous or sparing you are when laying down the grit.