Grit Bins

Grit Bins FAQs

An increasing number of people are now interested in purchasing a grit bin for their own use but there are a number of grit bin faqs that keep cropping up with respect to this. One of the most consistently asked grit bin faqs is what size grit bin they might need for gritting the areas outside their homes. Grit bins come in all shapes and sizes and depending on how much outside space you have with your home, you will need either a small grit bin, which holds up to twenty five kilos of grit and salt or a mini grit bin, which holds around fifteen kilos.

Many people are unsure where they can get hold of a grit bin that is suitable to their needs and grit bin faqs often include, where can I get the right grit bin? You can purchase grit bins from your local builders’ merchants and do it yourself stores or you can let your fingers do the walking and search for what you want on the internet. There are plenty of online retailers offering a wide variety of grit bins at affordable prices.

Some of the grit bin faqs refer to local council gritting procedures and gritting bins in the local area. The only way to get answers to the questions on your local authority is to go to the council website and find the address and telephone number for queries related to gritting. You could also just call the general number for your local authority and ask the receptionist to put you through to the department that deals with gritting the highways.

Grit and sand do not last forever and lists of grit bin faqs often include queries about grit bin refills. Some grit bin retailers will also sell grit bin refills but you should also be able to get a refill for your bin at your local DIY store or builders’ merchants. Sometimes the list of grit bin faqs includes one on what gritting actually does. A simple answer is best for this question and it’s safe to say that salt acts like antifreeze, which means the ice is turned to water in most cases. Gritting is done to increase the friction between the tyres of a car and the road surface; this gives means that the car will not slide as much as it would on an ungritted road.

No list of grit bin faqs would be complete without a general description of grit bins. Most grit bins are made from hard plastic because it is a durable, weatherproof and anti-corrosive material. A plastic grit bin should last you for years and you can buy them in a wide range of bright and dark colours, according to your preference. Some grit bins have an opening or hopper from which you can take out the grit when you need it. There are grit bins that have an attachment clip or storage room where you can keep the shovel you use to grit your paths and driveway.