Grit Bins

Green Grit Bins

Grit bins come in a range of colours and you may be surprised to find that you can get yellow, red, blue and green grit bins, depending on your preference. Some local authorities use large green grit bins and roadside grit bins in certain areas may also be green or sometimes yellow. A growing number of people now have their own grit bins so that when there is snow and ice on the ground they can make their front and garden paths safe to walk on.

Local authorities usually have their green grit bins filled to the brim but when there is unexpected heavy snow and a lot of ice it is all too easy for the grit and salt to start running low. During bad weather spells it is the duty of the local council to grit the major roads and highways but they often have neither the time nor the manpower to do the side roads. In some areas there are public green grit bins so that people can put some grit on their road and green grit bins are often to be found in council flat courtyards for a public spirited resident to spread the grit.

Some people like green grit bins because they can keep the bin in their garden and it doesn’t look too out of place. If you are thinking of buying a grit bin then you should try to find one that is non-corrosive and weather proof so that it will last longer and keep your grit or grit and salt clean and dry. Most grit bins have sloping lids so that if it rains the water will just run off the bin rather than pooling on the top, which could cause problems when you come to open the bin.

You can get green grit bins in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the largest size able to hold several hundred litres of grit, like the ones used by local authorities and large corporations. If you are purchasing a grit bin for the very first time then make sure that you also have a suitable spade or shovel with which to spread the grit on your paths and driveway. Some people prefer to buy a mixture of grit and salt as it will both melt the snow and enable the treads of your tyres to have a better grip on an icy driveway or road.

If you shop around then it may be possible to get cheap green grit bins if you buy them in a sale or during the summer. It is in the summer months that suppliers want to start making way for a new stock of bins later in the year so they may well reduce the price of the bins at that time. While green grit bins may be popular this year it is not to say that it will be the same next year. People have fads for having things in a certain colour or style and while it may be green grit bins it could just as well be yellow or red next year.