Grit Bins

Cheap Grit Bins

An increasing number of people now buy grit bins for the winter, which means that there is more call for cheap grit bins. When there is ice and snow on the ground having your own grit bin could save you from having a nasty fall in your garden or on your front path. If you have a driveway then it will be easier to get your car moving in the ice and snow if the driveway has been gritted.

Many people ask why you should use grit and salt in icy conditions and the truth is that salt helps to melt the snow while grit gives your car tyres a better grip when there is ice on the ground. During icy conditions a lot of road accidents are prevented when the local council has had the grit ready to spread on all the major roads and highways. You will have to shop around for cheap grit bins as many of them can be expensive. What you don’t want to do is to give up quality to save a few pounds, which means you have to do your homework.

Cheap grit bins come in all shapes and sizes from the very large ones that are supplied to local authorities, to sizes that large corporations might need so that they can grit their staff car park, to smaller domestic bins. Grit or grit and salt bins can hold up to 500 litres of the mixture while household bins will usually hold fifty litres. If you want a bin with a locking lid then it will be more expensive but it will mean that if your bin is tipped over by vandals you won’t lose your grit and salt.

It is possible to get cheap grit bins. online but you would need to compare the prices on various websites. Suppliers can differ widely on what they charge for bins and a lot may depend on the features you want your bin to have. One of the reasons it is cheaper to buy things online than from a hardware shop is that online retailers don’t have the same kind of overheads that a shop owner will have. You may think that what you see is a bargain but remember that a grit bin needs to be hardwearing unless you want to replace it every year.

You can get grit bins that have storage space for the spade or shovel that you will need to spread your grit but these may be a bit more expensive. You may be able to get cheap grit bins with storage space if you wait for the sales. Probably the best time to get cheap grit bins. Is during the summer months when most people aren’t thinking too much about ice and snow. Some suppliers put their prices up when they know they are going to sell more of a product, and lower the price out of season and this is probably the best time to get cheap grit bins.