Grit Bins

Black Grit Bins

Grit bins come in a wide variety of colours and some people still prefer black grit bins because they kind of blend into the background. Many local authority grit bins are either green or black grit bins and some businesses prefer to have a grit bin that fades into the background. Local authorities need grit bins to fill the gritters that are used to spread grit on major public highways. Some councils have green or black grit bins at the side of the road in areas where the road needs gritting but it is not possible to take a gritter up there. Some businesses have their own grit bins to make sure that their company grounds and car park are safer for staff and visitors.

Recent weather conditions in the UK have led to an increasing number of people wanting to know more about domestic grit bins. You can get black grit bins in a variety of shapes and sizes, including mini grit bins and the rollastor grit bin, which is a wheelie bin that is used for gritting and has a hopper on the front. There are stackable grit bins on the market today and these come in various colours, including stackable black grit bins. No matter what colour or style of grit bin that you choose, they all serve the same purpose; they store the grit and salt mixture that is used to make pathways safer to walk on and icy roads less dangerous to drive on.

You can get black grit bins with a lock on the top or one without. People who live in areas where there have been instances of vandalism may prefer to have a lockable bin because if it gets pulled over you will not have all of your grit on the ground. Some grit bins have extra storage to accommodate the shovel or spade that you would use to spread the grit on pathways and driveways. Earlier grit bins were made of concrete and wood but nowadays the vast majority of them are made of hard plastic.

A hard plastic black grit bin is a durable piece of equipment and the material is also non-corrosive, anti-rust and weatherproof. Your grit bin needs to be dry if the contents are to do their job efficiently when they are needed. Stackable grit bins are useful because you can have them out in the winter and then stack them together and put them away during the summer months. Most stackable black grit bins are also a convenient size for domestic use. When you grit your pathways and driveways the grit helps your car to have more staying power in icy conditions by increasing the friction between tyres and road. Salt actually melts the ice because it acts as antifreeze, providing the temperature does not drop below minus five degrees centigrade, if it does, the salt will not work until the temperature of the ground underneath the ice rises.