Grit Bins

Grit Bins

Grit bins are designed to hold grit and salt that is sprinkled on top of snow and ice to make it safer for walking and driving. Gritting the streets, roads and motorways is the preserve of local councils but homeowners can help make things safe for themselves by gritting their own driveways, pathways and back yards. If you don’t have a grit bin for storing grit and salt, especially during the winter, then it may be a good idea to think about getting one.

Types of Grit Bins

You will find that there are many different types of grit bins and that these handy bins come in all shapes and sizes. The main purpose of a grit bin is to store salt and grit and to keep it dry. Grit in particular is a substance that can mar the surface of containers and whatever type of grit bin you choose; it needs to be sturdy and hard wearing. You want a bin that is easy to use and you may or may not be interested in whether the bin is attractive. A grit bin needs to be fairly large and easy to access and use. If you don’t want to have the expense of a new bin every winter, then make sure that the one that you buy is durable.

There is a wide choice of grit bins on the market today and the size you need will depend very much on the size of your pathway, drive and back garden. Smaller grit bins that are suitable for most domestic users hold around fifty litres of grit but you can get bins that will hold as much as 350 litres. Bins that are designed for the purpose of storing grit are not exactly cheap, and start at around £50 for a bin that will hold fifty litres. It is advisable to get yourself a brightly coloured bin as these are more visible in wintry light, yellow and red are both popular colours for grit bins.

You need to look for grit bins that have sloping lids as this means that rain and snow will simply run off the bin rather than pool on the lid which may cause a seepage problem. It is possible to find bins with a hopper feed, which means you don’t have to reach right inside the bin to get at the grit when it is needed. If you need a larger grit bin then you may find that it has special compartments where you can store shovels and spades. When you store tools in an outside bin it is advisable to find one with a lock to deter thieves.

If you take a look online you will find that there are places where you can purchase your grit mixture. A good mix will stick to the ice and snow rather than your shoes, so less mess is walked into the house. It is possible to purchase a type of salt that is environmentally friendly, acts fast and doesn’t cost the earth.